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CPA Bulk Messaging offers the Customer an API to send and receive SMS messages to end users in the Telia mobile network.

Some of the benefits of SMS communication are:

  • SMS is the messaging service with the highest number of users – you may reach all Norwegian mobile users
  • messages are opened and read - SMS has the highest open / read ratio of all messaging services
  • SMS is the preferred messaging service for important messages

An increasing number of businesses use Bulk Messaging, an efficient tool for communication. The yearly growth rate of Bulk SMS messages since 2013 is 25 % (NKOM statistics).

Common Bulk Messaging use areas:

  • marketing / customer clubs
  • CRM dialogue
  • notifications / reminders
  • one time passwords
  • web site login
  • order channels


Fixed fees

  First  access number Succeeding access number
Start-up fee NOK 7 500 NOK 2 000
Monthly fee NOK 2 500 NOK 1 000

Configuration and change of Customer Account

Per change: 1 000 NOK

Traffic fee SMS

Customer is charged for all SMS message segments successfully delivered to Telia messaging centres. Messages sent from an End User's mobile phone to Customer's Access Number is charged the End User according to the applicable prices of the End User's subscription.

Terminating network NOK / SMS
On net 0,27
Off net – domestic networks 0,60
Off net – foreign networks 0,60


An SMS long number used to receive a mobile originated SMS. Message is sent to a specified url.

Number available in series 4598 5 xx

Fees (per number)
Start-up fee 1 999,-
Monthly fee 499,-

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