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Expanded network provides efficiency and cost savings in the offshore industry

The way of working in offshore is rapidly evolving. Manual processes that have characterized the industry for many years are expensive and inefficient. Reporting with pen and paper or with a device in offline mode takes a lot of time and is cost consuming. The possibility of involving key competencies that may be conveniently located in an onshore office is also limited.

Use of data in offshore operations

To exploit the potential of using digital devices and automating processes, one relies on a fast and stable network. Full 4G coverage offers new opportunities, facilitating increased efficiency and elimination of time-consuming processes, which in turn contributes to lower costs. For players with operations in the UK and in the Dutch sector, coverage is guaranteed with the same packages that work in the North Sea.

Online all day

We all expect to be connected wherever we are in the world. Although you can bring personal phones and tablets offshore to a greater extent, many people find it challenging to stay in touch with friends and family, use streaming services and pay bills in the online bank when offshore. The coverage and speed are not of the same quality as onshore. 

There is a lot happening at home during a typical 2-4 shift, and there is a fear of missing out on a video call with the family or miss the game with the favourite team. With Telia's 4G coverage offshore, personnel will experience a seamless transition between onshore and offshore where the expectation of being connected is met.

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