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Telia Symposium 2021: «5G changes everything» is cancelled

Telia, in collaboration with Abelia, was to arrange the third Telia Symposium on 11 February 2021 with the theme «5G changes everything». We have been planning for a very interesting event, and we know that many have looked forward to exciting presentations and inspiration from leading international professionals. But considering the Covid 19 situation, we have had to assess whether organizing such a large event in the form we have planned is the right thing to do in times like these. We have therefore chosen to cancel the symposium. We very much regret having to do this.

However, Telia's rollout of 5G is in full swing across the country, and during the next year, half the Norwegian population will have access to 5G where they live. Telia will be the first to have a nationwide 5G network by the end of 2023. We have a lot of interesting, inspiring and educational 5G material here on our website, and you are also more than welcome to contact us. We would love to talk to you about all the 5G possibilities.
We hope to be able to welcome you to a Telia Symposium again when the situation allows it, so stay tuned to our channels.

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