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The third consecutive Telia Symposium is organized in collaboration with Abelia and next year’s Symposium will be at least as insightful and inspiring as the previous ones.

Welcome to Telia Symposium February 11th 2021 at Skur 13.

More information about the program and speakers will be announced consecutively.

What is Telia Symposium?
Telia Symposium is a unique and different conference where customers, partners, IT and business leaders meet to share insights and experiences. In collaboration with Abelia, we seek to find more answers on how the new technologies will affect us, how we can contribute to innovation and create value for people, businesses and society through digital entrepreneurship and sustainable growth.

About Telia Symposium 2021 is: 5G Changes Everything!
How will new technology such as 5G affect the future society?

Telia is now rolling out the 5G network throughout Norway, and at the Symposium we are focusing on the opportunities that exist with the new technology.

5G will enable Norway to take the next big steps on the country's digitalisation journey and drive sustainable development. With 5G we will bring new ecosystems and fantastic services to people, businesses and society alike. We have invited Norwegian and International experts and top executives from public and private companies to learn more. In short, it is about competitiveness, for start-ups, tech companies, the private and public sectors and for Norway as a nation.

Telia Symposium will also be a digital conference
The event will also be live broadcasted so you can participate digitally. Further information will follow soon.

The event will follow the National Health Authorities' current coronavirus infection control advice. We are committed to making you feel safe and cared for as you attend the event.

Agenda and program

The theme is covered by the following three perspectives:

In our rapidly evolving digital society, consumers are demanding more and more technology, often at a lower cost. Companies must deliver high-quality, safe and viable products in order to survive. What are the plans for some of the major consumer brands to meet these technological needs? Do we see any autonomous vehicles soon? What comes from China that challenges Nordic solutions? How does Telia look at the next few years with 5G and new, faster and more secure networks?

What do we know about today's technologies like 5G, IoT, AI and Robotics? How do small and large companies test and execute pilots to leverage the digital capabilities? Technology is exciting, and with a focus on 5G, we want to present some of the inspiring stories and plans that involve new technology.

Technology is one of the biggest drivers of societal development. New technology presents new opportunities and new challenges that we as citizens must face every day. With new technology comes challenges with changes and demands for sustainability, and both diversity and equality are becoming more important than ever. We use information and data in new ways to make better decisions, and traditional jobs are threatened by our automated everyday lives. What can we achieve with new (and old) technology, and how will this affect consumers?

There will be one main stage where these three themes are covered, and a second stage where presentations from our partners and entrepreneurs during the breaks will be held.

We invite you to take a well-deserved break from a busy day at work and join us in the world of technology for a day packed with information, inspiration and networking. The agenda will be presented over the next weeks, and in the meantime we hope you will save the date.

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