Welcome, SiO tenants!

Telia delivers wired 100/100 Internet to your flat/apartment through our agreement with SiO.

Our chatbot will help you with the connection. Click on the chatbot icon in the right-hand side bottom of the page and start the conversation with the codeword "SiO".

You will at a later time get the opportunity to upgrade your Internet speed, as well as order TV-services. We will let you know as soon as it’s open for ordering.

Bilde av et arbeidsbord. Det ligger en PC, en kaffekopp og noen notatbøker på bordet. Vi ser en hånd som skriver på en av bøkene.
Bilde av en person som sitter ved et bord og skriver på en PC.


To connect to the Internet, you use your own network cable from the PC to a network wall outlet. If you prefer to use the wireless Internet, you need to connect your own wireless router to the wall outlet and then connect your PC to your router’s WiFi.

If you have trouble connecting to the internet do as follows:

  • Check that the cable goes from the network wall outlet to the wan port on your router
  • Check if you are connected to your wireless router
  • Restart your router by taking the power of the router in at least 10 seconds


To be able to help you please have your address and the H-number for your apartment ready when you call in (example H0101). 
The H-number can be found on the frontdoor of the flat or on "Min Side" at SiO.



Have you had a technician from Get and have received an invoice for the service? The invoice is sent to your apartment,you only have to hand this over to SiO who will handle the invoice. It is important that the invoice is sent as soon as possible to avoid reminders, etc.

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