Telia Startup - a mentoring program

About Telia Startup

More important than technology are the people using it. Our ambition is to be close to what matters, and to help businesses understand and see the possibilities within new technology. We want to be a digital enabler for smart minds and ideas to flourish, no matter what they are – or where they are. 

Telia are rooting for startups that want to  make a change and build value for the society with the use of communication technology. We are in the game to learn, and to help startups to grow their business. That is why we offer a mentoring program to startups. 

We also want to be close to the bright minds behind the startups. We want to learn what tomorrows customers expect from communication technology – as well as to be challenged in finding new ways of using it. 

About the program

Telia is launching the Startup-program, a mentoring program for startups who want to leverage their business ideas on communication technology. Startups accepted to the program will under a period of 12 months get free access to a range of Telia’s products and services, as well as a range of experts in various fields. We will provide you with infrastructure, connectivity, technological knowledge, guidance on financial solutions, logistics, sales and marketing. It’s a great opportunity to partner up with a company that is eager to learn, and eager to help you grow.

Our offer

We offer you a partnership where we can learn from each other. We cooperate and participate with our knowledge, connectivity and our services. Our goal is for you to scale up and succeed with your business. Our first hand help is:

  • IoT connectivity to your products and services 
  • Mobile subscriptions for employees, 50 Gb monthly
  • Fiber installation and connectivity to your office (subject to availability)
  • Secure internet: HW, installation in office (subject to availability)
  • Bedriftsnett” – Wireless PABX solution including configuration
  • Competence and mentoring within areas of technology, business models, scalability, communication and marketing
  • Marketing – we use our channels to promote your company and your products

See our product pages for detailed description of our products and services. All subscriptions and services are automatically transferred to standard business agreements when grant expires after 12 months. 

Your participation

Share, dare, learn and grow. We are looking for startups that are willing to share, to challenge us and to learn from us.

Our startups

Get to know some of the companies we have worked with in recent years: EfferaFinisterraStalkIT and Unacast.
Curious on how we work with IoT and digitalisation? Dig into this site.

How to become a Telia Startup

Deadline august 19. 2019.
All startups meeting these criterias can apply:

  • Your business idea must leverage on the use of communication technology
  • Your purpose must be driven by creating value to people and society
  • The startup is younger than 5 years
  • Less than 20 employees
  • A Norwegian or Scandinavian based company
  • You want to explore and exploit opportunities with a group of enthusiastic Telia family members

For more information: 
Telia Startup
Contact Lars Gunnar Lundestad

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Fill in the form and apply to be part of our mentoring program. All fields are required. Deadline: August 19.